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The way we resource
talent is broken.
Here’s the fix.

Don’t wait for recruiters to send you CVs, join our
platform and take your pick of the top talent around.
Whenever you want. Hassle free.

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How do you find resources and build teams at the moment?

If you’re solely relying on recruiters or consulting firms who only give you who they have available at any given time then we feel your pain. You see, that was us, until we found another way, that actually works.

You see we come from financial services ourselves, and using our combined network we sourced the best talent around. Then we bribed them into joining our super-clever, cloud-based platform. Now, hundreds of top freelancers with tons of experience are waiting for you to get in touch with them… directly.

In a nutshell

A resourcing revolution…



Our platform gives you instant access to the best talent around. And if you want us to build out talent pools for you, that’s a no brainer because we’ve already thought of that!



Now, we’re sure there are lots of old style recruiters out there who really love chatting to people. But… we just don’t have the time anymore for endless conversations and email exchanges.



How did we attract the best? We shamelessly bribed them. Well… sort of! Put simply we give our people perks when they sign up, and even more perks the longer they stay on our platform – so they do!



Our in-depth, industry specific candidate profiles gives you a full understanding of who candidates truly are, what they’ve done, how they work… how they think… their personality type… what they like in their tea…



Our platform is so smart we can upload your existing freelancers, your perm staff who do projects, and even Big 4 and other consultants you tend to use. That way you can better manage your entire workforce to build effective teams, as and when you need them.



We can even give your freelancers the same perks we give our own people, if you like. That way they’re more likely to stick around. After all, everyone appreciates a little generosity.

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The talent pool

Hundreds of incredible peeps, ready to roll

Take our talent…

We’ve scoured the solar system to build our own pool of top project managers, business analysts, legal and tech resources, all with great financial industry experience. Turns out most of them are on earth!

We conduct F2F interviews with every one, and assess their knowledge and skills across specific industry domains. We also psychometrically assess their personalities using carefully curated surveys. We even used… wait for it… gaming technology to test their cognitive skills, like problem solving so you get a more rounded picture of who they are and what they can actually do.

Sign up, get your log in details, have a browse and take your pick. It’s honestly that simple.

…use yours better

When we worked in finance ourselves, we often suspected that there was the talent within the organisation to build the team we wanted… but no one had a proper list of who they were – let alone their skills and experience.

Pop your existing perm and freelance folk onto our platform to track their knowledge and abilities. We’ll help you get their psychometric and cognitive profiles, too, if you like. We can even put people from your current “go-to” consulting firms on our system, so you can get better insight on them too!

Putting together top teams has never been easier.

The science bit

Powered by PeopleHawk

Our intelligent and intuitive, cloud-based platform is designed specifically for recruiting, managing and retaining top talent. Created by the tech geniuses at Peoplehawk.

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